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Manufacturer & factory For Custom socks

Custom socks production

Our main business is to provide custom socks services. You can choose any size, and any existing material socks to customize. We always pursue high quality and efficiency

Free design service

For the design of socks and packaging, we have professional designers, support free design services for customers. Make custom socks as simple as possible.

Customized private label

We also support custom socks labels, tags, plastic/paper bags, cartons and more. You don't need to look for other packaging suppliers again, use our one-stop service.

Quick customize process

We modified the previous custom socks process to make it efficient and simple. 1-2 days to design, 3-15 days to make samples, 7-30 days delivery.

For Easy Customize Socks

For custom socks, more customers need a simple custom socks supplier. We are committed to solving problems in the process of customizing socks and providing additional services.

Provide free advice and design services

We realized that in the process of customizing socks, many customers do not have designers. The socks design details  need to be communicated many times to confirm. Now our designers will assist customers with the design drawings provided by the customer or provide suggestions for modifications.

Free socks design and packaging design weekly updata

For customers who need a reference for socks design, check out our weekly updated socks/package design, download it for free and modify it to yourself design.  

Quick Reply Messages and effective communication

Effective and fast communication and time are important, we want to reduce communication time, so each reply will contain the main important information and our recommendations. The fastest we can confirm an order  in three email..

Want to start customizing socks right away?

Fill out the form and we reply as fast as 10 minutes. 1-10 hours of non-working time

Quickly Customize Socks

The fastest 10 minutes to reply, 3-10 hours of non-working time.