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Download Socks Design Template / Mockup, Package Template / Mockup, Hand drawn design template, Free socks and packaging design.

Free socks / package design download

We update our new socks design and packaging design every week, which you can use for free or find inspiration.

Socks Mockup / Template

Socks Real Mockup

Mockup with realistic sock photo texture, realistic display of socks design.

Socks Flat Mockup

Flat design template can show the design of each view of the sock.

Hand Drawn Template

Just print it, Use a pencil to easily design socks, no design software required.

Label and Packege Mockup / Template

Label Design Template

Used to design socks labels and tags, support AI and PS software.

Carton/Bag Template

Socks and cartons designed for use in outer packaging, Support AI/PS

Hand Drawn Template

Print it out and hand-paint your socks packaging design with a pencil.

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