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Socks Real Mockup Design Guide

Want to customize socks and start designing? You can find out how to design your socks with our Socks Real Mockup in this article. 

If you haven’t downloaded the “Socks Real Mockup” file yet, or need a complete custom socks guide, check here.

Before you start designing socks, you need to prepare:

  1. “Socks Real Mockup” file, you can download it now.
  2. Your computer, everything needs to run on the computer, and make sure you use at least one of AI and PS.
  3. A little patience and quiet time, you need to be undisturbed.
  4. Our color selection guide will help you choose the color and meet our design criteria.

We don’t want to limit your creativity to this mockup, you can create your own socks as long as it meets the custom socks design restrictions.

If you are ready, start designing your socks with Socks Real Mockup in the following steps (Click to quickly jump to the corresponding location):

Are you ready? Now let’s start designing socks.

Step 1: What socks do you want to design?

When you build a house, the first thing we think about is what kind of house I need, high, area, what material, what it looks like. Taking into account all the details will make the construction smoother.

Create socks just like building a house, usually you need to consider the following:

  • Socks to whom? You need to know who is going to wear your socks or who your customers are. Different genders or ages, socks will be different.
  • How long socks? socks have a lot of length, no show, ankle, crew, knee, over knee, tights… can also according to your needs.
  • What is the socks material? Most socks are cotton, strong sports socks need nylon, cold places may need wool socks, silky cool socks for summer.
  • What pattern on the socks? Put your logo on socks, Highlight your brand. Fashion socks with unique design are always popular.
  • Socks need special technology / functionality? Socks need non-slip rubber, embroidery logo, terry, linking by hand, thicken. These techniques can make socks more popular.

If you already have complete sock idea, great, we can design it soon.

You may need more than that, but we can all do it. If you have seen a pair of unique socks, don’t worry we can always make it.

Step 2: Socks flat design.

I think you already know what kind of socks you want, choose a suitable mockup, I recommend to design flat design first. Flat design has different methods in different software.

  • AI(adobe illustrator): You can see two files in a folder, “flat design” and “design preview”, open “flat design” to design a flat pattern.
  • PS(adobe photoshop): Find the “flat design” layer and double-click it to open the design in the newly opened window.

We always recommend that you design a flat pattern and that the pattern beyond the edges keeps it intact. Our socks knitting machine code requires a complete pattern, and if the missing pattern we have to complete it ourselves, this may not be what the customer wants.

Step 3: Combined with socks design texture.

Our “Real Socks Design Mockup” The biggest difference is that it has the texture of real materials socks, and you will see that the design looks like a real sock photo.

Now you must have a sock flat design, and you can add the texture of the socks in a very simple step:

  • AI (adobe illustrator): Save your “flat design” design file, then go back to the “design preview” file and it will automatically update the design to the texture.
  • PS (adobe photoshop): Save your “flat design” design file, then go back to “design preview” and you will see the texture of the material that has been added to the design.

Step 4: Preview sock design and modification

Now you can view your design in the “design preview” file. What patterns need to be modified? You can return to the “flat design” file (for adobe photoshop, you need to return to the “flat design” layer) to modify it.

You can mark the color code you use in the “color” tab, you can use our self color card (recommended), or Pantone TCX Colors.

You can add notes and some design details.

If you have any problems with your design, feel free to contact us and our designers will be happy to help you.

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