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Socks Hand Drawn Template Design Guide

This “Socks Hand Drawn Template/Mockup” allows you to quickly start designing socks, even if you don’t have any computer design experience. You only need to print our files and start designing with pencils.

Where can I find the “Socks Hand Drawn Design Template” ​file, how can I completely customize my socks? Please click on the button below.

Use the “Socks Hand Drawn Template” you need to pay attention to and prepare things:

  • Download our socks hand drawn design template.
  • Because need to print, you need an A4 paper printer.
  • Prepare your pen, preferably a colored pencil, which will be easy to modify.
  • Hand Drawn’s design is only suitable for simple sock designs, you can use to position and draw simple sketches. If your idea is more complicated, you can use our free design service.
  • The hand-painted design needs to be further refined, our designers will help you, you just need to confirm the final design.

Please try to refer to the “Restrictions of Custom Socks” standard, which will reduce the possibility of re-editing.

If you are ready, let’s start hand drawn designing socks:

Step 1: What socks do you want to design?

When you build a house, the first thing we think about is what kind of house I need, high, area, what material, what it looks like. Taking into account all the details will make the construction smoother.

Choose Socks Hand Drawn Template

Create socks just like building a house, usually you need to consider the following:

  • Socks to whom? You need to know who is going to wear your socks or who your customers are. Different genders or ages, socks will be different.
  • How long socks? socks have a lot of length, no show, ankle, crew, knee, over knee, tights… can also according to your needs.
  • What is the socks material? Most socks are cotton, strong sports socks need nylon, cold places may need wool socks, silky cool socks for summer.
  • What pattern on the socks? Put your logo on socks, Highlight your brand. Fashion socks with unique design are always popular.
  • Socks need special technology / functionality? Socks need non-slip rubber, embroidery logo, terry, linking by hand, thicken. These techniques can make socks more popular.

If you already have complete sock idea, great, we can design it soon.

Do you have more ideas about socks? Just tell us that we can do whatever technology is already have.

Step 2: Painting sock design template.

You already know what kind of socks you want to design, choose the right template to print. Now start designing socks with your pencil.

There are three views on the template that allow you to represent your design from different perspectives. 

You can boldly draw your socks design, because our designers will re-create your hand-painted designs into computer-designed images and match them to the socks design specifications. If necessary, please write your thoughts next to the design, which will be very helpful.


Step 3: Modify the socks design and design remake.

When you finish the whole hand-painted design of the socks, you will find some imperfect details that need to be modified. The advantage of using a pencil design is that you can modify it with an eraser at any time. 

If the painting does not express your design idea, you can write it down. All of this information will be given to our designers. He will organize and design the computer picture design according to the hand drawing again. If the design is unreasonable, we will also modify it.

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