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Choose You Design Sock Color

What is the first impression most people have of socks? color. It is more important for popular socks. So, if you custom design socks, you can quickly choose the color of your socks by this article.

Here are some suggestions to help you choose the right color design socks. Here are some suggestions to help you choose the right color design socks. With our socks design template and real socks design template, you can quickly design socks.

1. Choose socks colors by feeling.

The first thing you want socks shows what kind of feelings? Based on this expectation, choose your color. yellow makes people feel happy, green makes people feel natural. blue makes people quiet. You can refer to “12 colours and the emotions they evoke” for more color feelings

2. Choose socks colors based on your customer base.

For young people, it is more fashionable and colorful. The elderly pay more attention to the comfort of socks. Even solid-colored socks are great. Office men need simple socks that can match their clothes, usually dark.

3. What colors is popular now?

Never miss fashion colors. Popular means more followers and matching needs. Bring these popular colors and your socks will sell well.

4. Choose natural colors.

A nice photo, it’s also a perfect color match. If you are short of inspiration, look for pictures on the web to extract colors from them.

When you design socks, you can use “Our factory color passport” and “Pantone TCX Colors” to quickly find colors. If you need help, check out our custom socks guide or contact us anytime

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