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Restrictions of Custom Socks

Custom knitted socks are not like printing. Due to technical limitations, many socks designs cannot be made. Maybe you don’t know what to avoid when making/designing a pair of socks, don’t worry, this article will explain in detail. If you are designing socks, try to follow these rules.

Learn how to generate socks patterns

If you look closely at the socks, you will see that the most basic components of the socks pattern are a “V” shaped line.

If a “v” pattern is regarded as a pixel, the pattern is like an 8-bit retro game image. So, most of the time what we call a sock knitting machine code is to transform the socks design into a pixel pattern.

Custom socks restrictions

Sock design is ultimately transmitted to the knitting machine as a pixel painting, so the disadvantage of pixel painting is also the limitation when designing socks.

1. The socks pattern can not have too many details

Knitted socks can’t show too many detailed patterns, you need to make the patterns simpler and clearer. There is a case:

Strawberries have too many details and they are too small to show up in socks. The final design scheme is that we simplified the design into a pixel-style pattern:

If you need to show all the details of the pattern, we first recommend that you use the printed socks technology. If you need, our designer can help you to simplify the socks pattern, just contact us.

2. Knitted socks are limited in color(5-7 colors)

If you want to customize knitted socks, you must know that a pair of socks cannot have an infinite number of colors to use. This is because of the limitation of socks knitting machines. There are restrictions on the needles we use at one time. Usually, 5-7 colors can be used on a sock, different socks patterns or materials may differ slightly. If you are looking for available colors you can check our factory color passport or use Pantone TCX Colors.

3. Keep enough pattern space

This is a problem we often encounter in custom socks. Densely patterned socks can be made and look good, but there is a very serious problem that it is very difficult to wear.

This is a beautiful pair of socks, but inside there are many different colored yarns ends, If you look closely, you will find that some yarns are continuous and not cut. Sock knitting machines will automatically cut these yarns, but they need to have sufficient length, and short connecting yarns are often ignored. If there are too many yarns connected, the socks will be inelastic, it will not be easy to wear and will get stuck at the heel.

When you design socks, keeping the pattern in the right space can make your socks more comfortable.

4. Don’t put patterns on cuffs, heels, toes

Please do not design patterns on toes and cuffs, current technology cannot knit patterns on heels and toes. The socks cuff can be knitted with simple patterns, but we do not recommend this, it will affect the comfort of the socks.

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