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Socks Label Design Template​ Guide

“Socks Label” is also a retail package. It is the first layer of socks. The package is usually paper, with basic information about the socks, material, size, and raw materials. Now we will show you how to use our “Sock Design Template” to quickly design your Socks Label packaging.

The sock label design template has two basic styles to choose from. If it doesn’t meet your needs, feel free to modify it or use your own design template.

What do you need to prepare before starting the custom design socks label?

  • Our “sock label design template” file, you can find the download button at the top of this article.
  • Your computer, all designs require a computer, and you will use PS (adobe photoshop) and AI (adobe illustrator).
  • Color tables, using our socks yarn color will reduce the look time for socks yarn.

If you are ready, you can design your socks label, just three steps:

Step 1: What information on the socks label packaging?

Label packaging For retail, you need to consider how to attract people to spend. Design your unique label with your logo to impress people.

So what does the socks label need?

  • Your logo: We believe that logo is the most basic sock label design element, no doubt.
  • Sock customer age/sex: Socks are men’s socks / women’s socks or baby, children’s socks
  • Sock size: Socks are suitable for the foot, usually the size corresponds to the size of the shoe.
  • Washing instructions: The washing instructions for the socks tell the customer how to wash the socks, usually a set of icons.
  • Socks production area: Most countries require a clear indication of where the product is produced on the mark, Please strictly follow local government policies.

You can add anything necessary in the label, a sentence, a picture, if that’s exactly what you want. 

Step 2: Socks label flat design.

Socks label flat design

We unfolded the socks label into a flat design, all of which were designed on this flat design. The flat design of different software is opened differently:

  • AI(adobe illustrator): You can see two files in folder, “flat design” and “design preview”, open “flat design” to design a flat pattern.
  • PS(adobe photoshop): Find the “flat design” layer and double-click it to open the design in the newly opened window.

The flat design marks the different locations of the design, you can replace/delete the demo design, or just modify it. If you are done, don’t forget to save.

Step 3: Preview sock label design and modification.

Preview sock label design

Before you save the socks label flat design, our design templates can quickly generate label design previews of front, side, back views. 

  • AI(adobe illustrator): Save “flat design” file, and open “design preview”, the preview will be generated automatically.
  • PS(adobe photoshop): Just save “flat design” layer, and return to the “design preview” file and you will see a preview of the different views.

If the design is not the same as your idea, you can return to the “flat design” change again.


If you have any problems with your socks label packaging design, please feel free to contact us and our designers are very willing to help.

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