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Different custom socks packaging types

For socks, it is undeniable that quality is the most important reason for it to be liked, but in our experience, socks packaging can also affect sales. So, If you want socks to be popular, you need good packaging.

Common packaging is a label (outer/sales packaging), multiple pairs of packaging. For our custom socks, there is usually an outer packaging for shipping, robustness and stability are the basic requirements for this kind of packaging. For some special socks, a plastic liner may also be required.

So let ’s talk about what types of sock packaging are usually available and how to choose them when customizing socks.

1. Inner packaging & sales packaging

This socks package is the most common form of packaging, you will often see it in malls or shops.

Socks Inner packaging & sales packaging

The first thing your customers see is the sales packaging for socks. If you want to retain your customers, grab them first.

For Fashion cotton socks: Your packaging should be richer in color and the pattern should be exaggerated. This will make young people feel cool, great personality. You can also try different socks with corresponding pattern packaging, which will make the socks look more delicate.

For sports socks: Sport people care more about the function of socks, cushioning, ventilation, sweat absorption, non-slip, and some gorgeous things make socks look unprofessional. Sports socks packaging should use dark colors as much as possible, and briefly introduce the function of socks.

Daily socks: Many people just need a pair of comfortable socks, no pattern, cotton material, soft. These everyday socks don’t need to be too prominently packed, maybe just your logo, size information, and wash mark. Make it as simple as possible, as these people focus only on comfortable socks.

Functional socks / Medical socks: First of all, you need to highlight the function or function of the socks on the package, and sometimes you need some professional parameters.

2. Multiple pairs socks package

To sell the same series of socks, gift socks or a dozen socks, you need multiple pairs of socks package. Multiple pairs socks package can also be used with inner packaging.

Label multiple pairs packages: Use paper labels to bundle multiple pairs of socks together, Makes people think that socks are cheaper or can be used as a promotional method.

Label multiple pairs packages

Carton multiple pairs packages: The carton packaging looks more high-end socks and is usually used as a gift wrap.

Carton multiple pairs packages

Plastic bag multiple pairs packages: Excellent printing effect can be customized to create amazing socks packaging.

Plastic bag multiple pairs packages

3. External packaging, shipping packaging

For custom socks, the outer packaging is for shipping, Our default carton package contains gimmicks, sizes, numbers, product names, and you can customize your own logo if needed.

External shipping packaging

If you need, we have free socks packaging design templates, and we will update the socks packaging design every week. Need any socks design and socks packaging design, please contact us.

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