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Custom Socks Label Guide

The ultimate guide to custom socks in metsox.

Including all cutsom socks details, very easy to understand, You may need ten minutes to read.

You will find out here:

  • Our factory socks customized detailed process.
  • Custom perfect socks How should you prepare?
  • We better optimize the custom socks process.

If you are planning to start a sock business or improve efficiency, then you will like this guide.

Custom Socks Guide


1. Custom Socks Preparation

What do you need to prepare for custom socks? All the details are here.

2. Design Your Socks

Have your own design? How to design socks? Our designers are happy to help you.

3. Get Your Socks Sample

Now get your custom design socks sample, Confirm design and quality.


Custom Socks Preparation

If you don’t know much about custom socks, you may not know what information a socks manufacturer or factory needs to start designing your socks. Before starting to customize socks, we recommend that you consider the items in the list below.

custom socks preparation list

  1. You logo or brand: For custom socks, customers always need their own brand. Clear logo (png/pdf) will be helpful for design.
  2. Design and Pattern: If you have your own design, please prepare us for your unique pattern.
  3. Sock sample: If you have a socks sample , we can design/sample according to it.
  4. Label and Packaging: What kind of retail packaging do you need? 
  5. Socks size/length: What is the size of your socks? What length? No-show,ankle,crew,knee…
  6. Material of the socks: Cotton, polyester, wool, lycra, silk. What is the material of the sock?
  7. Sock function: Where is the socks used? Football, basketball, diabetes, compression socks, skiing, dancing, hospitals…
  8. Sock thickness: For cold, thick socks are needed, if in the summer,  need cool socks.
  9. Number of socks: If we need an accurate quote, we will refer to your order quantity.
  10. Your market: Different markets have different socks, and providing a market range will help quotes.
  11. Socks technology: Anti-slip socks need some rubber technology, sports socks need venting holes, baby socks need terry technology. Is this what your socks need?

You don’t need to prepare all the things in the list to start customizing socks. The more information you will provide, the more help you will get.

Quickly Customize Socks

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