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Socks Carton/Bag Template Design​ Guide

For a dozen socks, need to pack in a bag or a box. Our default bag is a transparent plastic bag. We also need carton packaging for socks, usually corrugated cardboard boxes. These cartons and bags/boxes are all support customizable. 

We will teach you how to use our “Carton/Bag Design Template/Mockup” to quickly design packaging. You may also want to know the socks label design template guide​.

What do you need to prepare before designing socks package?

  • Design template/mockup: you can download the Carton/Bag packaging design template at the top of this article.
  • Computer: All the design needs to be done on the computer, using AI (adobe illustrator) or PS (adobe photoshop).

We only provide a generic socks carton / bag packaging design templates, if it doesn’t meet your requirements, you can also use your own template design or let our designers help you.

When you are ready, and need take some time to start designing the socks package.

Step 1: What kind of socks carton/bag package you need?

Do you know what kind of packaging you need for your socks? For a pair of socks, label packaging is needed. If it is a dozen socks, multiple pairs of packaging are also required. 

Consider what kind of Carton / Bag you need from these aspects:

  • Do you need several pairs of socks in one package?
  • Is your socks a collection? Like week socks.
  • Are custom socks a gift? Maybe you need beautiful gift wrapping.
  • Do you need a bag or a box? We support customizing both types of packaging.
  • What information is on the packaging?

Do you know what the packaging you want looks like?

Step 2: Package flat design.

Choose the right packaging template based on your ideas, You will find “flat design” (some packaging types may not have a flat design, you need to skip this step). 

The software you use has different operations:

  • AI(adobe illustrator): You can find the “flat design” ai file. Different packages have different flat design templates. After opening the file, you will see detailed design instructions.
  • PS(adobe photoshop): You can find the “flat design” layer in the psd file. All flat designs are in this layer, including detailed design instructions.

Step 2: Preview sock package design and modification.

When you have completed the “flat design”, for most socks packaging designs our templates will automatically generate different perspective previews.

  • AI(adobe illustrator): After saving the “flat design”, open the “design preview” file, and according to your flat design, preview images of different perspectives will be generated.
  • PS(adobe photoshop): After saving the “flat design” layer, return to the “design preview” file. Depending on your flat design, preview images of different perspectives will be generated.
If there is anything you need to modify, you can return to the “flat design” to modify it.

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