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Customize your socks, Fast & Simple

We wholesale custom socks and are also manufacturers, focus on the best experience with customised personalized socks. Now we will briefly introduce how to simply customize the socks design.

Three Steps To Custom Socks

Step 1: Design Socks & Package

Socks and label/package are usually designed from customers, and we can also offer free design services. We will confirm all the details in the design phase and consult a lot of questions. Of course, we will provide you with the best advice based on our experience.

Step 2: Make Sock Sample

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Step 3: Socks Bulk Production

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Step 1: Design Socks & Package

Design Your Socks, Three Simplest Ways

what you socks design

For custom socks, we pursue efficiency and quality, so we have designed three quick ways to design socks.

Use computer design software (AI/PS) mockup to quickly design socks, or print socks. Hand draw templates are designed with your pen. The easiest is to use our free socks design service, we are always happy to help customers, and The shortest time to reply to you.

Free Socks Muckup

We offer several sock design mockups/templates, including real mockup and flat design templates, so designers can quickly start designing socks.

Hand draw templates

Start the sock design in one of the easiest ways to suit everyone, including common sock templates. Draw a simple pattern with a pencil and we will perfect it for you.

Free Design Service

No time or design experience? Try to use our designer’s free design service. Design services are available for socks and labels and will be designed with best practices.

Of course, we are not limited to these methods, you can use your own template, or send us a physical sample of socks.

Step 2: Make Sock Sample

Turn the design into a Real Sock

custom socks make sample

When you confirm the design, it means that we will start to make samples. It takes about 3-10 days to make the socks samples, usually including the following steps:

  1. Yarn Color Matching: the color of the socks design needs to match the corresponding raw materials (yarn), if you use our color card design will save a lot of time in this step.
  2. Sock Knitting Machine Coding: socks machine has a unique processing flow, the socks machine coding can make it work according to our expectations.
  3. Make Sample Sock: Now the professional staff will make samples of the socks, and the customer will eventually get 2-4 pairs of samples.

If you design the socks label and packaging, we will make the packaging samples at the same time. 

Step 3: Socks Bulk Production

The final bulk production of socks

About Production

Now the socks bulk production is done by our factory. At this time we only have to wait, depending on the order, it may take 10-40 days of production time.

About Packaging

Because socks are packed in a variety of packaging formats (label/tag, plastic bags/paper bags, boxes, outer carton), we need to know the final packaging specifications.

Usually we need to know how many pairs of socks use a label, how many socks in a plastic bag, and how many socks in a carton. If you don’t have any requirements, we will use the default packaging and carton. You can find more socks packaging information here: Different custom socks packaging methods

socks package type

About Shipping

Your socks are ready, you can choose your own shipping agent, or we use our cooperation agent to ship. 

Quickly Customize Socks

The fastest 10 minutes to reply, 3-10 hours of non-working time.